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On the Run: Tracksmith

May 29, 2015


Let’s face it, for most of us, running isn’t something we necessarily look forward to.  Personally, I’ve really only wanted to run  if chased and have just recently maintained a consistent running schedule – meaning more than twice a month.  On top of the labor involved with something that’s suppose to offer betterment to your health, the clothing options aren’t very appealing and are often aesthetically challenged.  Filled with bright-colored, overly tech heavy garments, the playing field for something you don’t mind wearing during exercise is sparse.

New England based Tracksmith is flipping the script on running apparel.  Founded by a former collegiate runner and the co-founder of the popular British cycling company, Rapha, Tracksmith is combining both old & new to create something you actually wouldn’t mind wearing while working out.  The clothing offers the perfect marriage between technology and comfort – think wicking, breathable fabrics – and attractive design.  And while old school collegiate inspired run wear looks good, it also doesn’t hurt that those at the helm have decided to produce everything stateside, with factories in Mass and New York – well-played.

Check-out more at Tracksmith.






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