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Store Report: Brimfield Chicago

February 1, 2015

Brimfield Copyright 2015 The Standard Edition

Seated on Chicago’s far north side in the Andersonville neighborhood, Brimfield is raising the bar locally for all things vintage.  Consisting of mostly items for the home with a few wearables mixed-in, Brimfield has the bases covered. Vintage and antique stores are largely hit or miss.  Sometimes determined by geography, most times by taste, the determination is typically one that’s easy.  A city known for its great architecture, Chicago isn’t an obvious hot bed for vintage home goods.

Brimfield, which also shares its name with the super popular antique event in Brimfield, Mass., pulls no punches.  Like the event in Massachusetts and unlike similar stores nearby, the selection offered at Brimfield has been thought out.  The space is stacked floor to ceiling with inventory consisting of mostly mid-century finds that pay homage to the midwest.  Fortunately it’s well contained and excellently merchandised, taking a lot of the leg work out of finding something good.  And though there’s logic to the arrangement, you should still expect to dig around for that rare find you can’t leave without.

In total there is 4,000 square feet over three floors, with the third floor serving as a very well curated event space.  While Andersonville may be a hike for some, it’s worth the trip.  The surrounding neighborhood has plenty of other distractions alongside several stores with similar offerings, Brimfield the clear stand out amongst the group.  Visit Brimfield at 5219 N. Clark Street, Chicago.



Brimfield Chicago



Brimfield 2

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    Really stylish blog, great read and superb pictures

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