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Destination Down Under: BLUE Sydney

April 8, 2014

BLUE Sydney

Almost always, the first order of business when hitting the road is finding the right place to stay.  Not to be confused with a good place.  While away, where you stay is as important as where you’re going.  A destination can be ruined by ill-equipped lodging.  And the last thing you want to be is that person who shares their horrible hotel experience.

Like many other good things, the devil lies squarely with the details, and the details not only matter, they make all the difference.  Most will say location is key.  I agree, location is important, but just because something is seated in the times square of wherever you are doesn’t mean you should stay there.  Not only can a few extra minutes of walking provide a quiet retreat, you’ll have more to talk about than the yelp reviews of your conveniently located abode.  During a recent visit to Australia, the selection was quickly narrowed to BLUE Sydney, where the combination of an interesting property and individual detail made the choice easy.

BLUE Sydney

BLUE is the combination of a lot of things, all good.  It’s housed on a former industrial wharf in Woolloomooloo, between the Royal Botanical Gardens and Potts Point at the top of the Darlinghurst neighborhood.  It’s location is key, and while it doesn’t sit right next to really anything, it’s close enough that  you won’t need to rely on taxis or other transport.  The building extends into the harbor for what seems like forever and still carries signs of its previous life.  Additionally, some of Sydney’s finest restaurants have also taken residence along the wharf, and are a dining destination in their own right.

Tapping into the building’s past, architectural elements of the property consist of a densely woven system of beams, belts, and layers, all serving a previous tenant that’s since been decades removed.  These structural details spread into the rooms, which are not only enviable in size (as someone who lives in New York), but offer a view and every other amenity you’d expect, including personality.  It doesn’t hurt that regardless of where you stay, you’ll get a clear view of the sun rising or setting.  And not to fret, your confused internal clock will promise your audience to at least a few sunrises.

While the building that houses BLUE is insanely large, the hotel only occupies a fraction of the property.  The other portions being privately owned.  This not only helps with limiting the volume of clientele, it also makes the experience personal and not very fussy.  Things are easier with more space and fewer people.  An appreciated notion embraced during our stay.  Any visit, wherever it may be, should be simple, easy and a little bit different.  The next time you head to Sydney, BLUE has you covered.

BLUE Sydney

BLUE Sydney

BLUE Sydney

BLUE Sydney

BLUE Sydney

BLUE Sydney

One of a few jet lagged induced sunrises.

BLUE Sydney

Special thanks to BLUE Sydney for all their hospitality.



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  1. April 13, 2014 14:43

    Not sure when I’ll be going to Australia but the pics make it seem like a fantastic place to stay

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