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Unionmade + The Grove

February 14, 2014

Unionmade Grove.4

In 2009, Unionmade opened their doors.  Located in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, it didn’t take long to get attention.  And deservedly so.  By many accounts Unionmade, with Todd Barket (of Gap fame) at the helm, can be given credit for bringing the menswear scene west.  In a city with a significant lack of the brick & mortar found out east, there was high demand for a place that carried a large selection of good, well made things under one roof.  Unionmade fit this bill, offering a full roster of quality infused brands whose relationships would later develop into collaborations, setting the selection completely apart from any coast.

Today the brand list tops 100, and includes all the crowd pleasers such as Alden, Barbour and Filson, but while great, these aren’t why you shop here.  The rest of the lineup is choked-full of goods from England, Japan, Italy, and of course good ol’ America.  The Sunspels, North Sea Clothings, Drakes, Kapitals and Boliolis are all on the team and ready to play.  And the collaborations we mentioned run deep, so a lot of what you see isn’t going to be easy to find elsewhere.  I paid a visit to Unionmade when they opened in ’09, and make it a point to visit whenever in town, and I’m always impressed.

Now just over four years later, Unionmade continues to carry the torch, and is expanding, again.  After first out growing and expanding the S.F. store, they opened two additional locations, one in Los Angeles and another in Marin (just north of S.F.).  Both the second and third locations carry the aesthetic and branding that made the first store so successful.  The sights are now set on a fourth location, again in Los Angeles.  The new outpost will be seated in the Grove shopping center and is sure to do well – the Grove may be one of the busiest places on earth.  The new location will be large enough to carry most of what you’ll find in S.F. and has the same vibe.  If you’re nearby, pay a visit.

Check out Unionmade at The Grove: 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles.

Unionmade Grove.1

Unionmade Grove.3

Unionmade Grove.2

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