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Back in Action: Spiewak

January 9, 2014


In the last couple years, it seems there’s been an influx of centennial celebrations by companies making just about everything.  This is a good thing.  It not only means that there are a decent amount of companies which still exist stateside, but that they’re continuing to produce good things.  Spiewak is amongst this contingent.

With 110 years under their belt, Spiewalk has continued to produce high-quality outer wear for dockworkers, the armed forces, city and public workers alike.  Their jackets and their stories continue to be inspirational.  While the word iconic isn’t amongst my favorites, there isn’t a better word to describe a lot of what Spiewak has created.  The infamous WWII Navy deck jacket, snorkel parka and one of the first double-breasted pea coats all fall under the Spiewak label.

Kicking off the new year in good form (and temperature appropriate timing), Spiewak is set to premier their latest collection at Pitti Uomo in Florence.  With Maurizio Donadi of Levis & RL fame at the helm, the New York native label is taking a new approach and creating a collection suited towards today’s lifestyle, while maintaining quality consistent with products past.  Additionally, a Golden Fleece collection is slated to launch in the near future, which will take cues from its 1920’s predecessor and consist of pieces from the company’s archives.

Visit Spiewak for the full story and a glimpse at the complete collection.

Spiewak Golden Fleece

Spiewak Golden Fleece

Spiewak Golden Fleece

Spiewak Golden Fleece

Spiewak Golden Fleece

Images via: Spiewak

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  1. January 9, 2014 17:15

    The Spiewak site is really well done. I have no idea how i haven’t heard of them if they have been around this long. I want a snorkel parka to fight through this polar vortex.

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