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Hollywood Holiday

December 25, 2013


The holiday season has always been a bit weird to me.  Since I’ve always lived in a large city and been surrounded by hordes of eager shoppers, carolers, santas, and all things holidays, my view and opinion may be a little skewed.  For the better part of the last decade I’ve elected to spend Christmas alone on the East coast, or alone in some capacity in my hometown, Chicago.  I touched on this in a post last year, and again, blame Home Alone.

Changing things up this year, through some persistent persuasion, I’m headed West for the holiday and will be kicking around L.A.  Not being in a cold environment during Christmas is probably one of the strangest things I can think of, so it’s bound to be interesting.  Nonetheless, we’re locked and loaded, palm trees and 80 degrees it is.  To everyone else out there, I hope you have a safe and happy holiday, thanks for tuning in.

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LosAngeles International Airport

LA Christmas

Broadway 1940s

LA Christmas 1948


The 101 1950s

Hollywood Blvd c. 1940s

Wilshire Blvd 1937


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