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The Voice of the Globe

June 19, 2013

It’s safe to say, traveling isn’t what it was.  In years past, one in ten would visit foreign soil during peace time.  And those were the lucky.  Families were raised local, and stayed local.  Sure, there were exceptions, but they tended to be the brave old few who wandered over from the old country.

Insert James A. Fitzpatrick.  A native son of Ohio, Fitzpatrick is the envy of anyone who appreciates being forced to shut down their electronic device.  For those unfamiliar, Fitzpatrick would spend the better part of 25-years circling the globe, sharing his experiences with the unlucky.  Pre-frequent flyer miles and private lounges.  During his tenure, an 18-hour ride to Schiphol was a fast one, and probably had three or four connections.  That too was luck.

Fitzpatrick’s infamous narration would later be known as The voice of the Globe.  And during his career as a writer, producer and narrator he produced over 250 travel documentaries, visiting the world’s great cities.  Lasting only a few minutes, his films take people to places far away; unknown, foreign, intimidating.  And if his voice or witty narration doesn’t win you over, the impressive Technicolor should.  Saying these are good or worth your time would be selling them short.

Turning a passion into a career isn’t for the weary, yet Fitzpatrick managed to pull it off during a time when many thought his passion was crazy.  Stretching his borders, he wandered into the unknown and brought home a story.  These are two of my favorite visits, each carrying its own basis and offering a great look into the past.



Thanks for the tip, V.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 26, 2013 12:06

    Would these pictures be of Chicago and New York City?

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