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Revisited: Oil & Leather

December 3, 2012

Oil & Leather

This past weekend marked the fifth go-around for the Pop-Up Flea and as expected it didn’t disappoint.  Like the turnout, the selection of offerings was impressive and as with years past there was no shortage of menswears.  This year’s welcomed curve ball brought Oil & Leather, an exhibit by Levis Vintage Clothing capturing the tradition of hand-painted motorcycle jackets.

Inspired by the hand-painted leather flight jackets of returning GIs from WWII, American biker gangs took a cue and created their own style.  One that would eventually become a symbol of their culture and lifestyle.  In celebration of this tradition and style, LVC gathered 21 artists from around globe to hand paint a black LVC leather jacket.  Much of the work hits a personal soft spot, capturing or resembling traditional tattoo flash and Americana art work.  In fact, a couple of close friends (and tattoo artists) from Chicago were among those selected.

Although I came to stare at watches and waxed canvas, I quickly gravitated towards Oil & Leather, and like the PUF, it did not disappoint.

In case you weren’t in New York this past weekend, catch the exhibit on its last stop at the Shinjuku Levis store in Tokyo (December 7th – 23rd), where all the jackets will eventually be sold in support of a good cause.  [LVC]

Oil & Leather

Oil & LeatherOil & LeatherOil & LeatherOil & LeatherOil & LeatherOil & LeatherOil & Leather

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  1. randall permalink
    December 5, 2012 09:44

    Depending on what source you believe, the link between motorcycle gangs, the Hell’s Angels in particular, and WWII fighter pilots is even more direct than just being influenced.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    January 4, 2013 05:23

    Those did not come out very well.

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