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The Long Road Home

July 28, 2012

Two weeks ago I made an acquisition that’s been more than ten years in the making.  I joined the ranks of the New York minority who own a car.  Right now the need outweighs the want, so the purchase was inevitable.  What wasn’t inevitable was whether or not I’d find the vehicle I’ve always wanted – an older Range Rover Classic.   Thanks to the world wide web, I found my new/old car waiting for me in good ol’ Alabama.

Driving an unfamiliar vehicle over 1,000 miles home, alone, is a high risk, high reward situation.  I like stories, and I like risk so I said what the hell and bought a one-way ticket to Huntsville.  Two days and eight states later, the long awaited acquisition settled into its new home.  Well worth the risk and a ten year driving drought no more.

Nashville pit stop

Tennessee Flea

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  1. Robert De Bereaux permalink
    July 28, 2012 16:28

    thats real cool…..I believe everyone needs to drive parts of the U.S. , great purchase,…..ENJOY

  2. Grayweim permalink
    August 19, 2012 22:21

    unbelievable. i love the old range rovers and have pined for one forever. the only thing that has stopped me from biting on one is the horrific maintenance requirements i’ve read about. please keep us posted on this beauty and i hope that it is a rewarding purchase for you.


  1. Land Rover Turns Over 65 | The Standard Edition

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