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Rover Report: Independent

May 9, 2012

Sitting just outside of Washington D.C. in Chevy Chase, Maryland is Independent Land Rover Specialists.  Over the last year, Independent has become the authority in repairing and restoring Land Rovers in the Washington D.C. area.  The difference between Independent and other shops or dealers in the area is the ownership.  At the helm are true lovers of Land Rovers and you’d be hard pressed to find as much knowledge and experience with the trucks.

Land Rover is one of those companies that’s always had a loyal following.  Since the release of their first prototype in 1947 ( which was inspired by American Jeeps) people have continued to flock towards Rovers.  Along with their clean aesthetic, they’re widely considered one of the most reliable and versatile vehicles on the road.  This is constantly evidenced around the world where Land Rovers continue to serve as the vehicle of record for various military organizations, medical units or governments.

After hearing about Independent, I made a point to pay the shop a visit during my last visit to the District.  Started solely out of a passion for Land Rovers coupled with life long experience with the trucks,  the crew at Independent have established a solid clientele.   During my visit, I was just as curious about the shop as I was to see the current line up of projects they had on the docket.   At any given moment it isn’t uncommon to see ten trucks in the lot, everything from an original Series II or Defender, to a newer Range Rover or Discovery.

While I was there, we talked for a few hours about the trucks, their past and how it’s not uncommon to see something come through the lot with over 300k miles.  We also delivered an all original Series II to its owner.  Naturally I lobbied for the keys, but shot-gun was the best that I’d get.

There’s something special about these old trucks.  Their sound, feel, smell; all of the signs of a hand-made product.  Still functioning 40 years later without skipping a beat, it’s easy to see why they’re still on the road and still a crowd favorite.

Visit Independent at 4972 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase, MD 20815.  [INDEPENDENT]

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