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The Determination of a Proper Pie

April 20, 2012

Naples is famous for several reasons.  My not-so-noteworthy list includes, the Camorra, tailoring and of course pizza.  The latter being arguably the most important to many Italians.  If you’ve ever visited Naples and didn’t try the pizza, well sorry, but you’ve done your best at wasting a trip.  As cliché as it may sound, a visit to Naples is not complete without a sample of what many consider the world’s best pizza.  This being said, it’s easy to fill your stomach with good pizza from any one of the snack shacks around town, but by Napoli standards, this is mediocre at best.

Insert Gino Sorbillo’s.  Since 1935 Sorbillo’s has been dishing out pies and staying in constant contention for the popular vote of who makes the best pizza in Naples.  A title cherished by many, but earned by few.  Fitting the character of the city, Sorbillo’s is parked in an ally that’s less than inviting, however all anxiety is quickly curbed by the well dressed crowd who’s ready and willing to invest the 45 minutes it takes to get into the local haunt.

Once seated, there’s no messing around, pizza, beer, pop (yeah, not soda) are all you’ll find on the menu.  As with anywhere local, the waitresses typically don’t feel like dealing with a tourist’s indecisiveness (a.k.a. bullshit), so practice your Italian in line and be ready to order, quickly.  In a moment of panic, I yelled out something with fresh tomatoes and prosciutto.  I realize this rigmarole sounds intense, but don’t fret, all the hard work is over and pays dividends in the end.

It’s safe to say the motto at Sorbillo’s is, do what you do and do it well.  Not buying into the hype, my initial skepticism was blown away at what came out of the kitchen, sat on the table, and quickly made its way into my stomach.  Similar to those from the area, region or country, I couldn’t pin-point what makes this pizza better, it just is.  Everything that had been built-up, debated and defended all came to fruition with the first bite.  An entire pie later (And just to put things in context, never in my life have I eaten an entire pie by alone.  Just sayin.), I apologized for my earlier doubt.

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