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From the Factory: G.R.P. Knitwear

February 29, 2012

About an hour outside of Florence sits a hotbed of textile companies in and around the small village of Carmignano.  Among the crop is GRP where I paid a visit to further understand all that goes into their knitwear production.  Inside the relatively small work space/showroom/office sit a few looms, a couple of people hand sewing and a few others checking and packaging the final product.  The environment is quite calm where the only sound is some light Italian radio coupled with the hum of sewing machines and looms.  From start to finish, from raw to final product, everything is done here.  Prototypes are first determined using the manual loom, and later computer operated looms spit out what will get shaped and sewn into a sweater of some kind.  After weave selection, each piece is produced separately where all the body sections and final details are sewn together by hand, attaching collars, buttons, waist bands, etc.

Originally opening their doors in 1973, GRP began as a source of textiles for other companies.  After several years they decided to establish their own brand, abandoned the supply business and instead focused on creating an original line.  They stepped up their product with not only better yarns and raw materials, but by utilizing a combination of different weaves that have proven better than similar products.  As a somewhat young company in comparison to all the historic textile businesses in the area, GRP has managed to establish themselves throughout the market.  Making products for or with the likes of Engineered Garments, Beams, Svenson and others, GRP is the brand you didn’t realize you already knew. [G.R.P]

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