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A Conversation with CAMO

February 13, 2012

On our way to Milan, we paid a visit to Biella, a small town in between Milan and Turin, to have lunch with Stefano Ughetti of CAMO.  The setting, as I was told, was “typical” however I’ve never seen typical reflect a lakeside village surrounded by mountains.  We sat lakeside in the silent town, sharing the empty restaurant with an afternoon card game and discussed all things CAMO.

Stefano , a native son to the region, has a clear understanding of what he wants from his product.  His background was first in textiles where he cut his teeth on the whole process of taking a raw product through manufacturing to the market.  Later, he spent the better part of five years working with a design firm who produced everything from high-end electrical products to home goods.  It was here he realized it was his turn to combine his experience with textiles and passion for design to produce a line of wearable goods.  Without any intention of ever becoming a fashion/clothing designer, CAMO was launched.

He describes his approach to CAMO more like an artist than a designer.  It’s easy to understand why when he talks about picking out samples while sitting next to the lake during the warmer months.  Or explaining where and why he sources his materials.  Aside from the picture perfect setting, Biella is also home to an impressive list of textile, leather and metals companies.  As a result, all materials and manufacturing for CAMO can be found within 100 kilometers (62 miles) of Biella.  This allows for a certain flexibility not typically afforded to most people and in-tern supports the local industry as well as creates a superior product.

Entering their tenth season, CAMO is a company that makes sense; things are made right and made well.  You couldn’t meet a better guy at the helm, and his passion is evident in the end product.  Check out CAMO for a look at the full collections and stocklistings. [CAMO]

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