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Standard Edition x Contemporary Standard

February 8, 2012

Made in Italy has a different meaning to different people.  For me, this label calls to mind some of the best clothing manufacturers, Lamborghini and of course Sophia Loren.  Having only spent time in Rome, I’m still  green when it comes to the ways and the workings of the rest of the country.  To better my understanding, this month I will be traveling the length of the Italian peninsula and see if my assumptions hold true.  Over the course of the next two weeks I will be driving from Turin in the north to Naples in the south.  Joining me on this tour is Enrico, good friend and editor of The Contemporary Standard.  Enrico’s Italian citizenship not only affords an insider’s look at the country, but also valuable help with navigation and my flailing attempts at communication.  Together we plan on exploring everything from clothes to cars and will be visiting a variety of different people, brands and companies.  After talking about this trip for nearly two years, we’re finally pulling the trigger and I am really excited to be sharing this project with you.

Be sure to check out both blogs for our daily dispatches and for real-time shenanigans follow us on Twitter (@StndardEdition and @contempstandard) as well as Instagram (@thestandardedition).

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