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Winter Armor: Schott Chester Jacket

October 25, 2011

Since last fall, I’ve been on the hunt for a quality three-quarter length double-breasted overcoat to fend off old man winter.  Last year I found an amazing jacket, but failed to pull the trigger.  Learning from past mistakes, I started the search early this season which fortunately ended quickly with Schott’s Chester jacket.

Schott, a company that’s been doing business in the New York City area since 1913 understands what it takes to make a piece of cold weather clothing that can handle a northeast winter.  Famed for their iconic biker jacket, which was worn by the likes of The Boss, Dean and Brando, Schott has gone back to their roots with Perfecto Brand.  Drawing from past quality, cuts and fabrics, Perfecto Brand utilizes tried and true methods to bring their history back to life.

Fitted out with hand sewn buttons and corduroy lined pockets, the Chester jacket is also made of the same heavy melton wool that’s lined the backs of servicemen since WWII.  All these details date back to the original officer’s jackets and give this limited run (only 100) a real story.  I’m confident it’ll keep me warm, too.

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