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Winter Weight: The Norwegian Sweater

October 11, 2011

The Norwegian sweater is arguably one of the most replicated sweaters out there, and for good reason.  It holds up and is insanely warm.  Everyone has put their own spin on this classic, but nothing really compares to L.L. Bean’s original.  Holding true to its name (unlike others), these are still knit in Norway, the same way they have been since L.L. Bean first began selling them in the 70’s.  I haven’t owned one of these since I was a kid and every time it’s been reintroduced I’ve missed it.   Luckily , my eyes on the ground spotted an original and scooped it up for me from one of the local fleas.  Now that the search is finally over I just need this October summer to end.

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  1. October 14, 2011 17:11

    Special place in my heart(and closet) for this. Lucky for you getting an o.g. blue/white one, though I do enjoy my navy/red.

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