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Upsides to a Smoking Habit

August 21, 2011

Initially intended to reinforce cigarette packaging during the late 1800’s, cigarette cards gained quick popularity and were soon collected and traded.  The Virginia based tobacco manufacturer, Allen & Ginter are credited with being the first to incorporate cards, not long after, several companies in the UK quickly followed suit.  Some of the first cards featured baseball players, Indian chiefs and boxers, with later cards, especially during wartime, featuring servicemen.  To no surprise, I’m really into cards from WWII, especially those featuring all things Navy.  With limited accessibility to photographs, many times it was cigarette cards that gave sailors a glimpse into their daily route as seen from those on shore.

My stash of cigarette cards featuring scenes of the British navy during wartime, a gift from Ms. Porter Hovey,  scored during her recent tour of London.

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  1. September 4, 2011 00:29

    I will buy those off you. Seriously I want them. Name your price?

  2. September 6, 2011 14:55

    one million dollars

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