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Cloisters Carvings

April 13, 2011

In the cloisters outside of the Barcelona Cathedral is a rather impressive floor.  A granite floor covered with engravings of various designs surrounds the space and would go completely unnoticed without looking down.  After digging around the internets, I discovered that they’re actually tombs of medieval craftsmen.  Each guild is represented by the symbol of their trade, scissors for tailors, shoes for cobblers, oars for ship builders and so on.  Those without a guild specific marking donned their family crest or coat of arms.  I accidentally noticed the dozens of engravings surrounding the cloisters during a recent visit and immediately became the weird American taking pictures of the floor.  After a second look, I’m impressed by two things, 1.) these things still look great, especially after having been walked on for hundreds of years, and 2.) they would look great on ties, unless of course Mr. Lauren has already beat us to it.

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  1. mpr permalink
    April 15, 2011 18:18

    Why must everything be commodified? Can’t some things just be left for what they are?

  2. April 18, 2011 14:01

    mpr, don’t be a chad.
    so wait, so if they have a skull on their respective tile, then they were an assassin? Poison brewer? Rat killer? Halloween ambient soundtrack composer?


  3. May 2, 2011 13:13

    So I clicked on the comment section for the sole purpose of leaving almost the identical comment that Sworn Enemy has already left. Once again I have learned I am not nerly as witty or original as I sometimes think I am. Now you Mr. Enemy, are obviously both those things. Well done.

  4. May 19, 2011 13:03

    I noticed the exact same thing! … funny … I also felt kinda weird taking pics of the floor wile everybody was taking pics of the windows and columns …
    If you wanna see my pics ..

    By the way.. love your blog..


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