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Score: LIFE + PAPA

March 15, 2011

If you haven’t paid Junk a visit, I strongly recommend you make your way over to Brooklyn and do so.  That is if you don’t mind rummaging through, well, junk.  During a recent visit I managed to score a copy of LIFE Magazine from 1960 featuring none other than PAPA himself.

The article, which he authored, discusses his first return to Spain after their civil war, his love for Spain as well as bullfighting.  It’s written in his own voice, describing  Spain to be the only country he’s ever loved as much as his own and continues  with tales of sessions on the bottle, border crossing banter and entertaining a group of well to do Italians and local bullfighters.

Regardless of whether or not I’ll ever read it a second time, it’s nice to look at, and if you’re no slouch in the literary department, you’re well aware that Hemingway’s time in Spain managed to inspire a couple fine pieces of work, which are casually mentioned throughout the text.

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