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D. Burnham

September 4, 2010

Today marks what would be Daniel Burnham’s 164th birthday.  I’ve always liked Burnham’s architectural contribution to the world, and as a Chicago native there’s also a pride factor in play.  Burnham was born in Henderson, NY and raised in Chicago, where he would spend the rest of his life becoming the father of modern-day city planning.  I’ve written about Burnham and several of his works in the past, and make a point to visit his buildings/stations/structures if in a new city where they’re present.   Many are aware of some of his more notable buildings/structures, the Flatiron Building in New York, Union Station in both D.C. and Chicago, the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1892 also in Chicago, are some of the front-runners on the list.  He was also responsible for the Union Station in El Paso, Pittsburgh & Columbus, the original Filene’s in Boston, the Postal Square Building in D.C., the Ford Building & Majestic Buildings in Detroit, the Marshall Fields Building in Chicago, and the city of Manila, among others which are all equally as impressive.  Most of Burnham’s past works are still standing, but as happens all too often, many have met the wrecking ball.  Daniel Burnham lived to be 65 years old, and at the time, built the what was the largest architecture firm in the world and shaped how cities would be viewed the world over.

World’s Columbian Exposition

Filene’s Department Store

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