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Store Report: On the Hunt at Keezers

July 18, 2010
I was at first reluctant to share this find, its contents shared with me many years ago by a gentleman much wiser than myself, and too good to keep under wraps.  When first told of Keezers I was not just in disbelief, but somewhat suspicious.  Keezers has been in existence for nearly 50 years next to the Central Square neighborhood of Cambridge MA, only a mile or two from Harvard, and blocks from MIT.  They previously held residence in Harvard Square for the first half of the 20th century.  Keezers is, and has been over the years, the go to spot for resale goods, tuxedo rental or purchase and other sartorial needs.
Resale shops are always a hit or miss environment, and without particular knowledge, for all intent and purposes Keezers would probably fall into the miss category, with several exceptions.  However, what makes this place stand out is a treasure chest of ties.  Ordinarily missed and hidden from view, there are two drawers in the back of the store that upon request can be opened, reveling a cache of phenomenal neck wear, all dating from the 40’s (or before) to the present.  Not arranged or even folded, all these ties are simply strewn about and left for dead.  The search among the ties themselves becomes a hit or miss atmosphere, but the hunt always pays off.
The quality of these ties and thus Keezers’ stock in general is driven by who they purchase from.  Credit for the drove of goods hidden goes to all the nearby Professors.  Keezers has become the dumping ground professors, and much of the merchandise has seen little wear.  Not only is this stock  first-rate, they’re not going to strain your bank account’s ego, coming in around a buck or two each.  The dry cleaning bill is always more.  While filming A Beautiful Mind, the set stylist paid a visit to Keezers and left with around 250 ties, which came in at around $300.
With labels such as Brooks Brothers, JPress, and many English outfitters, nearly all with great widths & fabric, they’re worth every penny.  I usually wind up leaving with 10 or 20, depending on how far apart my visits are, shoring up my stock and re-gifting others I don’t like.  Now after no longer living in Boston and paying few visits, I feel at ease about sharing this intel.  Had such knowledge not been passed to me, Keezers would have just been another old resale shop I would have probably walked right past, treasures remaining hidden.
Although I made the trip to Keezers to scoop up some new/used ties, several other offering popped up during the visit.
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  1. July 19, 2010 11:30

    Keezers is my secret weapon for tuxedos but did not know about the ties. great stuff.

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