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Levi’s Vintage Clothing

July 5, 2010

Last week during an exceptionally warm day I made my way over to the new Levi’s XX showroom to view their upcoming lines Made & Crafted and Levi’s Vintage Clothing.  Both Made & Crafted and LVC offer an authentic look into Levi’s past using the same fabric, manufacturing and cuts as the originals.

Inspired by American classics, the Made & Crafted line draws from old photos and pieces found in the Levi’s archives, slightly updating some of the washes, but maintaining the historical integrity.  Levi’s Vintage Clothing is an authentic take on American workwear.  Made entirely in the USA, each garment’s intricate production takes into account every single detail, from oil stains & alterations to pocket arcuate details and suspender buttons.

I’m usually not a huge fan of vintage clothing and like to brand my own story into my stuff, but I was seriously impressed by what I saw.  I quickly realized my stories aren’t near as good as those inherit to what was on display.  The production involved in each garment alone is impressive, with no detail spared.  The denim is exactly how it would have been found during the year of its actual production and sale, as is the same with some of the chambrays and plain white t’s.  What I love more than anything is that every single piece in this collection has a story and is constructed to incorporate past quality and detail.

The 1950’s 501 denim is exactly the same as those worn by Marlon Brando.

This entire line was inspired from a photo taken in Monterey during the 50’s.  Always a sucker for all things nautical, some of the pieces in this collection were my favorites.

This work jacket was nothing shy of amazing.  The fabric, cut, weight, pockets, fit, all of it was good.  What stole the show was the metal buttons and a small piece of leather riveted to the chest for what we concluded must have originally been used to store screw drivers.  If there were one article I could have taken home that day, this would have been it.

Work jacket detail.

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