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Natural Pursuit

June 30, 2010

For the better part of my life, I’ve always been a city kid.  Even today when I skip town, it’s almost always to another city.  For whatever reason, as of late I’ve been having a deep craving to get some nature under my belt.  I’ve never really had any kind of beef with the wild, but I haven’t truly got my hands dirty, unless urban back yard camping or falling asleep in public parks counts.  When I was a kid my parents let me set up a tent in our yard, but surprisingly this hasn’t gotten me much nature-cred.

Determined to get out and experience a chest full of fresh air, I scouted a good friend of mine, one of New Hampshire’s finest who is also an NYC transplant, but is never too far away from nature.  This Live Free Or Die mentality is exactly what’s needed to kick this thing off, and as might be expected in preparation for our trek along the Appalachian Trail, all I can focus on is what material items are needed – pack, gear, tackle, musket, Rambo knife (with compass and fishing line), bear repellent, army shovel, etc.  Whether or not I’m versed in all things nature, I’ll definitely have my bases covered in the supply and tackle department and be completely prepared to hush all the naysayers.


1950’s Pup Tent

GI 1 Qt. Canteen w/case

Fjallraven 20L Vintage Daypack

L.L. Bean Woodsman Knife

Anglehead Flashlight

Army Type Insect Repellent

L.L. Bean Field Shirt

Cabela’s 7-Pocket Hiker Pants

M-1 Jungle First Aid Kit

Mess Kit

Matches and Waterproof Match Case

Ranger Repelling Rope

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