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Store Report: Topsy Design

June 28, 2010

Topsy Design may be new to the interweb with the launch of their online store, but they’re veterans to the hunt, find, use and sale of all things classic, traditional, vintage or any other synonym that corresponds with quality old shit.  At the helm of Topsy Design you’ll find Jared and Sam, who when not scouring for lost or forgotten treasure are Los Angeles based stylists that live amongst all of their discoveries.     Artfully curated, their house is filled to the rim with beautiful goods of yesteryear, many of which are available for purchase on their site.

This dynamic duo has been receiving a lot of nods recently (see: GQ, Refinery 29, Hollister Hovey to name a few), and all are well deserved.  In fact, GQ is the reason why the rucksack I wanted is now gone.  I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with Jared and on top having good taste, he (and his counterpart) are cool/creative people.  In discussion of Topsy Design’s take towards the online hustle he explained to me that he didn’t want the site to be a typical buy and sell joint.  With this mission in mind, Topsy is a platform for selling their goods as well as sharing some of their beautifully styled shoots and series of shorts.

If you haven’t made your way to Topsy Design, get there, and no they’re not paying me, I’m just really into what their doing.



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