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Dispatches: Washington D.C.

June 22, 2010

I decided to take the month of June and tour of the East Coast, hitting D.C., Philly & Boston, in that order.  Each visit comes with its own premise, but all involve the continual hunt for all things classic and cool.  Unfortunately the lavish W Hotels that was decided upon didn’t come with free internet, and more out of principle than price, I couldn’t bring myself to pay for the internet given the average nightly price.  The result of my frugal attempts is long over due updates…my bad.

Oddly enough, I’ve never made my way to our nation’s capital as a tourist and visits have always been short lived and unexciting.  I did nearly zero planning for my first take on Washington, however felt that I knew what I wanted to see, and with map in hand I’d be able to take it down without any problems.  Objectives included several to many historic pieces of architecture and/or monuments, quality drinking establishments, and sellers/supporters/wearers of well tailored garments.

With an awkward array of streets, navigation was quite easy, however the heat that accompanied my expedition was not.  Realizing the heat was not going anywhere, and continually feeling like the lesser man by the dominate presence of well tailored suits, I mopped my brow and was forced to make frequent stop into various watering holes, ranging from a German bodega with a random bar in back (Cafe Mozart), to The Willard Hotel, home of the first mint julep north of the Mason Dixon line.

Other highlights included many of the cliches involved with most anyone’s first jaunt in Washington, along with a local evening of baseball & beers, as well as some proper Georgetown shop visits.

Being a native of Chicago, I’ve  long wanted to visit, experience and photograph Daniel Burnham’s Union station.  Potentially one of the biggest highlights on this trip didn’t let down, minus the explosion of shopping outlets scattered among the carefully crafted interior.  Along with many of the other architectural features through Washington, Union Station’s presence is overwhelming, and is definitely a contender on the list of most attractive terminals.

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