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World Cup 2010

June 11, 2010

With today’s kick off of the World Cup I’m preparing myself and others for a month of zero productivity, and trying to contain my excitement.  Tomorrow’s 60-year-old rematch between USA & England  is up there as one of my top matches to watch, and hopefully history will repeat itself.  Although my wishful thinking has USA advancing, my realistic logic suggests otherwise, regardless I’m representing stars & bars all the way.

Aside from tomorrow’s battle, and hopeful upset, the volume of sport that lies ahead is overwhelming and there’s no shortage of great things to be said of such an event.  I’ll leave the flair to the sports writers and continue focusing my attention on justifying my 31 day absence to the higher-ups as well as plotting a map of cup coverage wielding watering holes.

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  1. January 4, 2013 03:19

    >Oh, my! A startling piutcre! I must disagree avec Virginia’s first observation: IMVHO, the very large ones are old, tough, and hard whilst the small, tender ones are a sensory delight. But LEMON butter? Ewwww.

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