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Store Report: Henry Gregory (London)

May 12, 2010

Antique shops are by no means a new concept, and the good ones are typically found by accident.  This was exactly the circumstance in my discovery of Henry Gregory.  I wandered into Henry Gregory by pure coincidence and what I uncovered was a treasure chest, full of pristine aged goods from across the UK and mainland Europe.

My initial visit to Henry Gregory was met by a large crowd and a small space, prompting me to return at a later date.  Two days later, I found my way back to the area of London commonly known for its antique/vintage shops.  Thanks to their well-organized outdoor display and tempting window arrangement, it was no problem to find.

The interior is just as you might expect, antiques and vintage goods neatly arranged in an organized chaos, with similar items clustered together.  What I missed during my first visit was the basement.  A basement, that although small, was full.  Full of stuff.  The same stuff I’m constantly hunting on eBay, driving far and wide to find, or trying to convince my grandparents to give me.

Upon entering the basement, I had an Indiana Jones moment, and discovered my holy grail.    Trunks, oars, lanterns, crests, shields, plaques, photos, ships, the list goes on. A cache I’d only expect to score in Ralph Lauren’s warehouse amidst stacks vintage LV trunks.  I eventually emerged with my arms filled full of things I at one point thought impossible to find. After spreading out my score, I picked out what I could feasibly afford, what would fit into the additional carry-on I’d later acquire, and did away with the rest.

I’m not really sure how I ended up over near Henry Gregory, but aside from the fact that I’d still have a lot more money in my pockets had I not stopped, an accidental find became one of my favorite stops during the week, and personal headquarters for hard to find antique & vintage goods.

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