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Hemingway’s Cap

May 7, 2010

I spotted this gem while flipping through a J Peterman catalog, and thought it too good to pass up.  Although there’s no way in hell I could pull off this bill, the novelty of it is something I’d possibly entertain in the right company.  The downside to this score is now all I can do is wonder if John O’Hurley wears one of these during a cruise down the PCH following a taping of Family Feud.  I’m sure I’ll never know.

Hemingway’s Cap

“He probably bought his in a gas station on
the road to Ketchum, next to the cash register, among the beef jerky wrapped in cellophane. Or maybe in a tackle shop in Key West.”

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  1. Tom Contrino Photography permalink
    June 24, 2019 06:17

    Bought a dozen in 1990 so I’d have one the rest of my life. Location fashion photographer, out in the sun a lot, has been perfect and it’s become my “signature look” lol. I even bought a small one for my son when he was 5…lol. Love it…wore it at the beach yesterday.

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