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Store Report: The Garbstore (London)

May 4, 2010

The Garbstore, located near Portobello Road, is one of London’s premium shops for hard-to-find menswear from retailers/designers from across the globe.  With a firm understanding and respect for the small guys in the industry, Garbstore is a safe-haven for those trying to get their label out there and on the market.

“Strictly independent we do not carry any clothing that has been bought up and sold out. All of our suppliers are like us. Fighting hard the monsters of the corporation, standing up for quality and better days.”

Sharing their space with Couverture, their female counterpart, Garbsotre carries labels such as Journal Standard (Japan), Mountain Research (Japan), OiPolli (U.K.), UNION (U.K.), North Sea Clothing (U.K.)  Steve Alan (U.S.A.), Gitman Bros. (U.S.A.) , Post Overalls (U.S.A.), Filson (U.S.A.) and Engineered Garments (U.S.A.) among many others from around the world.

On top of their international stocklistings, Garbstore captains a label of their own, and similar to those products lining the shelves, the in-house goods are first-rate and built to last.  As with many of my own preferred labels/brands, the Garbstore label is influenced by a quality more commonly found in the past, specifically in clothing produced after World War II.  While incorporating many quality characteristics from this period, fifties grip tape or tri-hole buttons, the cuts and fit are time appropriate.

“The way things last, the way things fit and how things feel are the mantra of the line.”

The folks in charge at Garbstore definitely know what their looking for, and what’s right for their shelves.  With a shortage of shops supporting the variety of smaller outfitters, it’s refreshing to come across a store with integrity and a knack for quality.  With such a variety of good stock that’s frequently being refreshed and replenished, Garbstore is definitely worth a visit – it’s firmly placed on my list of places to go when in London.

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  1. May 5, 2010 23:57

    Agree that it’s definitely refreshing to learn about a store like this. I love their mantra too.

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