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Brough Superior

April 16, 2010

We’re all familiar with Triumph, and their English perfection of two-wheeled machinery.  Intro, George Brough, who started Brough Superior in Nottingham in 1919, and raised the bar to a whole new standard in the motorcycle realm.  Although, Brough Superior only lasted 20 years, ceased operations in 1940, and produced close to 3,000 bikes, he did it better than most, even by today’s standards – during WWII, people hid these gems under hay bails in effort to preserve and maintain their value.

Initially laughed at for what we would say is attention to detail, Brough shut the mouths of all the naysayers during his first track trial by not only breaking the land speed record, but going on to win the next 51 of 52 races.  From the start, Brough set out to not only build a machine that meant business, but also looked the part, and as an outcome, these bikes became the staple of excellence.  An obvious attraction, possibly the most famous customer was Lawrence of Arabia, whom lost his life on the saddle of a Brough Superior.

Although I would hardly label myself as any type of motorcycle enthusiast, I definitely love all that this bike encompasses – speed, aesthetics and classic timelessness.

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