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Objects of Desire: Rucksack

April 7, 2009

I’ve been in the market for a good backpack/rucksack type of bag, however I feel guilty for not utilizing my Filson bag until its death, seeing that I’m trying to make more out of less and quit purchasing arbitrary or needless items.  That was until I came across this fantastic rucksack from L.L. Bean that hits a comfortable price point and has natural quality embedded in the brand, which has now led my original intentions astray…  Regardless of whether or not I cave in and make the purchase, this is a bag that’s still worth mentioning.  Check out more at L.L. Bean.

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  1. Don Guss permalink
    April 7, 2009 15:35

    Looks good, but it’s imported.

    “natural quality embedded in the brand”
    Sell it, boy, sell it! I know what you mean, I just can’t see paying more than $35 for something not made in America.

    Duluth has a rucksack made here for $20 less.

    LOVE your site, brother. I’m just saying – go American made WHENEVER possible.

  2. April 7, 2009 20:04

    Hey Don, you definitely make a good point, but rest assured, there’s no pay to play here, nonetheless I back your style. Thanks for the tip on the other bag, much appreciated.

  3. Don Guss permalink
    April 8, 2009 14:54

    Hey, pal.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply any quid pro quo on your part. I was just playing around with your writing style. Which I like, by the way.

    Sorry if I offended.

    Peace. D

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