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Gay Telese

March 5, 2009

Gay Telese is an American author from New Jersey, who’s written several books as well as being a former writer for the New York Times during the 60’s.  ‘Fame and Obscurity’ is a personal favorite that’s comprised of several short stories Telese wrote for Esquire.  Fame and Obscurity is “A book about New York, a bridge and celebrities on the edge”, and a promised good read.  In addition to being a terrific writer, Telese was no slouch,  being the son of a southern Italian tailor clearly had it’s benefits…

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  1. Derek Rapisarda permalink
    April 23, 2009 18:27


    I know you’ve read him, however I think you need to give Charles Bukowski’s “Notes of a Dirty Old Man” a shot… I think his stream of consciousness rants and constant self loathing/narcissism would be something that you could definitely get into!

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