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Pipe Dream: Becker & Musicò

January 31, 2013

Becker & Musico

Italy’s reputation for quality craftsmanship is no secret.  In all reality, it never has been.  The Italians have steadily remained at or near the top of the list when it comes to making quality goods, be it, clothes, cars, or anything else you’d like to blog about.  And while much of this is known or assumed, the reality of handmade Italian products, those made by the hands of human beings, often goes unnoticed.

Rome, the Italian capital and a city of almost three million people, is no stranger to quality craftsman ship.  While recently navigating Rome’s endless curved streets, I encountered Becker & Musicò, a pipe shop seated just around the corner from the Pantheon.

Becker & Musico

For nearly the 50-years, the partnership that is Becker & Musicò have been perfecting the art of pipe making by hand.  Founded by Fritz Becker and Giorgio Musicò, the small store front and even smaller work shop (located in the rear of the building) are now helmed by the founder’s sons, Paulo and Mossimo.  Together, just as the generation before them, they produce some of the world’s best pipes.

During my visit I discussed what goes into pipe making with Mossimo Musicò, a second generation pipe maker who is the full embodiment of all things Italian. With a gravely voice, appropriately disheveled hair, mustache and endless burning cigarette, Mossimo showed us around the workshop and explained why each pipe is special.  He also explained the process, which uses a very specific wood (briar root) from Calabria and takes over three years from start to finish.

While I’m not a patron of pipes, I do appreciate a quality hand made product when I see one, and the pipes found at Becker & Musicò fit that bill to perfection.  If you’re in Rome and would like to visit, Becker & Musicò can be found at Via di San Vincenzo, 29, Roma.

Becker & Musico

Becker & Musico

Becker & Musico

Becker & Musico

Becker & Musico

Becker & Musico

Becker & Musico

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